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Mindful Monday: Turning Inward

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


If you regularly participate in a meditative practice such as #meditation or #yoga, you are probably familiar with this. But, if you are less familiar with what it means to TURN INWARD, Kara Goodwin, a certified meditation instructor, owner of Meditation by Kara, and cohost of the Meditation Conversation podcast, says that in order to TURN INWARD, you need to #BREATHE:

1) Sit or recline in a comfortable and relaxed position. 2) Focus on making the breath long and slow. 3) Focus your mind on the breath as you slowly inhale and feel the breath rise from the base of the spine up to the point between your eyebrows. 4) Continue to focus on the breath as you exhale slowly and feel the breath descend back down the spine. 5) If the mind wanders, just bring it back to focusing on the #breath.

If you would like more help with TURNING INWARD, Kara Goodwin offers some helpful guided meditations on her podcast The Meditation Conversation, which you can find in all your favorite podcast-y places: (links provided at the bottom of this page)

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