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Couple Therapy


Couple therapy works to address the issues that exist within a relationship. Through both individual and conjoint sessions, each individual will be supported and encouraged as they work to identify their personal relationship needs and learn to communicate those needs to their partner in a manner that is healthy and effective.

Communication: Sometimes the only thing that effects a couple's inability to maintain a healthy and loving relationship is communication. Couple therapy can assist you and your partner with opening up the lines of communication in a manner that is safe and supportive for both indivdiuals.  

DivorceSeparating from a partner who you thought would be by your side until death do you part is undoubtedly a difficult transtion. Couple therapy can assist you with establishing healthy boundaries that will allow you to amicably face the challenges of a marital breakup.

InfidelityInfidelity on behalf of one or both partners can be a challenging issue for couples to overcome. Couple therapy can assist you and your partner with regaining trust and security within your relationship.

Partner Addiction & IllnessAddiction and illness are impactful elements within a relationship. Couple therapy can help you and your partner navigate the unknown path that lies ahead as you learn to cope and maintain health and happiness.

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