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Adolescent Therapy


Therapy is not only for adults. Adolescents, or teenagers, have their own issues and challenges to contend with. Psychotherapy can provide a safe avenue for teens to discuss their feelings, share their thoughts, and develop a stronger sense of who they are so as to prepare them with the skills necessary to face life's challenges. 

Adjustment: At times it can be difficult to cope with the major changes, losses, and events that occur in life. Individual therapy can provide you with the support needed to adjust to these changes.

Anxiety: Continuously feeling nervous, worried, stressed, or afraid can make it difficult to face life's challenges. Individual therapy can assist you with managing these feelings while providing you with the skills needed to cope with life's stresses.

DepressionFeeling sad for long periods of time can start to impact an individual's motivation and ability to complete everyday tasks. Individual therapy can assist you with developing new outlooks by working to reframe negative thought patterns. 


Personal IdentityFiguring out who you are and developing a secure sense of self is a common challenge for teenagers. Individual therapy can provide a safe environment to explore your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to uncover who you are as an indivdual.

Relationships: Sometimes it can be difficult to get along with family and friends. It may seem as though they do not understand or respect you. Individual and family therapy can assist you with developing positive communication skills that will enhance your relationships with others.

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