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Work In Progress

I recently binge watched a relatively new show on Showtime called #WorkInProgress. It features comedy actress and show's creator @AbbyMcEnany. The show is loosely based on McEnany's own life and experiences as a queer woman in Chicago struggling with mental health challenges and dealing with relationship issues. It's not often that a show captivates my attention like this one did - in fact, I actually don't follow too many shows, in general - but I really enjoyed this one and can't wait for it's second season.

But, it was not only the storyline I appreciated in this show. I also really admired the diverse representation of the #LGBTQ community as well as the demonstration of positive acceptance for those individuals.

(Slight spoilers ahead).....While the character of Abby may be struggling with her own self-acceptance, her friends and family openly love and accept her. Furthermore, Abby's much younger and attractive #transgender boyfriend, Chris - played by @TheoGermaine, a non-binary actor from Chicago - is also openly accepted by the community as well as Abby's family. However, the storylines of Abby's and Chris' characters in the show do also provide an opportunity for the audience to be educated on some of the issues #non-binary and #trans individuals face. One such issue is that of fear of acceptance, possibly even fearing for their safety, when going into a public restroom or when traveling to new places. Another issue that is highlighted in the show is that of a trans individual's "dead name", and the importance of keeping that name a thing of the past.

Overall, I found Work In Progress to be captivating, insightful, and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and hope my readers will too. If you are someone struggling with self-acceptance, feeling accepted by others, or with challenges related to gender identity, Mandy Snider, M.Ed., LMFT at @AscendanceTherapy can help. Visit my Contact page to schedule an appointment.

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