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Mindful Monday: 3 Rules to Help You Successfully & Happily Work From Home

Many of us are adjusting to working from home during the Coronavirus Quarantine. Therapists are providing teletherapy for clients, teachers are providing distance learning for students, and many more professionals are balancing their professional and personal lives all under the same roof. As a new reality of working from home emerges, there are a few rules that can help organize the chaos and help make working from home a little less stressful and a little more fun! The idea behind these rules is to effectively manage the stress associated with this change and maintain a healthy mindset.

RULE #1: Maintain boundaries

In order to make working from home more effective and less stressful, it will be important to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries for yourself. When working from home, you are free to work when and where you want. BUT make sure to also give yourself some structure within to work. Making a plan for your day can help make the day seem more feasible and less overwhelming. Often when working from home, it is easy to feel like you are staring into the abyss of an entire day and are not sure where to start or when to stop. Establish a schedule and stick to it as best as you can. It is okay to be flexible but be sure to make a plan and give yourself some structure.

RULE #2: Don't work in the relaxation zones of your home

Building on Rule #1, it is important to not only maintain boundaries with your time, but also your physical space. Try to carve out a space that is specifically for working and not in a space where you would normally relax or sleep. Keeping those relaxation spaces sacred will help you to turn your work brain off and give yourself a break. If you work from your bed or couch, it is all too easy to grab your laptop and continue working even if you have already put in enough work for the day. Along with that, having a designated work space will also help you focus and be more productive during the time you have set aside for work.

RULE #3: Breathe and try to have fun with the change

First of all...BREATHE! Yes, there is stress associated with your daily routine being turned upside down. But, try to look at this as an opportunity to form a new routine and try new things! It can be as simple as using the time you would normally be commuting to work to spend on a current or new hobby. This is also an opportunity to learn new things and new ways to accomplish your work. Many of us are now using Zoom, Skype, and other platforms to collaborate and reach our co-workers or customers. Try to see this as an opportunity to learn new technology that can help you even when you return to your office.

These rules will help you be more productive and less stressed while working from home. Remember to enjoy this time at home and use some of it to reconnect with yourself and other loved ones that you live with.

If you would like help with adjusting to to a new routine, CONTACT me.

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